– About Jan

  • Scene from “A Book of Five Rings”, produced by SCPA in Gifu, Japan, 1999. Participation in this education exchange between two Sister Cities launched my interest in international cultural exchange. For the rundown of projects realized since 2000, please see my article in the online art magazine, AEQAI, entitled “International Artists Exchanges, a la mode Sister Cities” (2011).

  • She-Koshare (2011) watercolor painting from the ReArt Drawing Exchange between Cincinnati and Kharkiv, Ukraine. A fusion of Jan’s interest in mythology and social service, this character has emerged to investigate current events in America and the responsibility of each citizen to participate in problem-solving.

  • Pendleton Studio 1999 My first painting studios were at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, where I worked from 1991 – 1999.

  • Summer Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, in winter

  • Garden outside of the Summer Studio in July