ProjectsPublic Art – Art Carpets for Clifton Plaza (2010, 2011)

Each year Jan organizes artists living in her neighborhood to decorate the terraces of Clifton Plaza. Using commercial pastels, chalk and charcoal that are blended and binded with whole milk, these images endure until winter’s end. The event is held in mid-September, simultaneously with Clifton’s “Streetscapes” event.

  • Jan rendering her 2010 image “Owl and Hawk Vie for the Double-headed Serpent”

  • Sketch for Jan’s image “Owl and Hawk Vie for the Double-headed Serpent”

  • Color sketch for Jan’s image “Owl and Hawk Vie for the Double-headed Serpent”

  • Jan’s Art Carpet “Owl and Hawk Vie for the Double-headed Serpent”

  • Midway on the first day of Art Carpets 2010

  • Tom Lohre working with milk and water in spray bottle to fix his colors, temporarily, to the concrete

  • Sam and Alison introduced themselves on Saturday, and came on Sunday to improvise a terrific art carpet.

  • Suzanne Fisher’s finished Art Carpet

  • Saad Ghosn and Bill Howes finished Art Carpet

  • Art Carpets 2011, at the end of second day’s work, with Jan’s image “Learning to Let Go” on the foreground

  • Jan’s day one image, “Double Phoenix”

  • Laura Bruce introduced herself to us at the end of day one’s work, asking if she could join in. Sunday morning she came with pastels in hand and created this fiesta of fish with panache!

  • Lydia Smith overlays the ghost of Saad Ghosn’s 2010 image with her new design for 2011.

  • Lydia Smith and her finished design for 2011

  • Saad Ghosn and Bill Howes work on a tribute image to their friends who have passed away in 2010.

  • Tom Lohre’s image of the Tyler Davidson Fountain is a testimonial to pushing the technical virtues of the pastel/dry pigment and milk method. He ground his pigments in his studio, and mixed the powder with milk onsite, creating very water resistant colors.

  • Sam Scipio finishing her improvised rainbow explosion.