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The Great Cincinnati/Liuzhou Paint Out (2019)

“The Great Cincinnati/Liuzhou Paint Out” (2019) A Sister Cities cultural exchange project for CinLiu Committee. 8 Chinese and 5 Cincinnati artists joined company over five days in July for plein air painting around Cincinnati, culminating in a month-long exhibition of the group’s works at CAZA Sikes in Oakley, Ohio. Jan was Cincinnati lead artist with […]

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Winter Watercolors (2019)

Winter Watercolors (2019) Paintings ranging in size from 8” x 10” to 16” x 20”

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Inspirado (2018)

“Inspirado” (2018) Group Exhibition at CAZA Sikes with Terri Kern, Nancy Hopkins, Karen Heyl, Kymber Henson and Jan Brown Checco (lead artist)

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Ceramic Art Trivets (2018)

“Ceramic Art Trivets” (2018) Kennedy Heights Arts Center Artist Residency at Woodford Paideia Elementary School with 45 students sixth through third grade over four months at one of CPS’s Vision 2020 schools with an emphasis on art and culture. Art teacher Karen Linser welcomed me into her classroom and was a perfect host and partner. […]

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Glass Mosaic Lamps

Glass Mosaic Lamps (2017-2018) Glass Mosaic Lamps with LED light strands on cycling displays

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Spirit of Water (2018)

“Spirit of Water” (2018) 14” x 14” x 18” – glazed ceramic fountain. This sculpture is an organic expression of the essential life element that is Water.

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Maya Bather Fountain (2018)

“Maya Bather” Fountain (2018) basin 26” x 26” x12”; figure and bowl 20” x 14” x 14” – ceramic sculpture underlain by glass mosaic on fiberglass mesh mat over fiberglass basin. A young bather discovers the likeness of the Xochiquetzal, goddess of beauty, while gazing into a reflecting bowl at her bathing pool.

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Flora (2018)

“Flora” (2018) High relief ceramic panel (25” x 18” x 6”) with glazed and painted tiles. Following the residency at Summit Country Day School, Jan was ready to continue the ceramic floral work, this time combining painted fired ceramic with glazed ceramic tiles and flowers.

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The Angel’s Light (2017)

“The Angel’s Light” (2017) (80”x 40”x 10”) for a Summit Country Day School Artist Residency, high relief ceramic wall panels featuring donor recognition plates, created with junior high students over a four-month residency. The students created multiples of leaf and petal tiles that completed the halo, the framing tiles, dozens of complex flower forms in […]

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The Queen’s Crown Jewels (2016)

“The Queen’s Crown Jewels” (2016) Seven ceramic lanterns (each one 20”x 12”x 8”) created for the Plaza of the Queen at Cincinnati/Liuzhou Friendship Garden in LongTan Park, Liuzhou China. Four Cincinnati artists – Jan Brown Checco, Terri Kern, Karen Heyl and Nancy Hopkins; 3 Chinese artists – led by Professor He Zhenhai

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“Stars in the Garden” Monastery Mosaics (2016)

“Stars in the Garden” is a handmade ceramic mosaic that tells the story of a high holy place in one of Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhoods. This was also the location of Cincinnati’s first observatory. The artwork was commissioned by Towne Properties and is installed in the foyer of the Holy Cross Monastery, newly resurected as the […]

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“Nature Calls!” Ceramic Mosaic at Fitton Center (2015)

When Fitton Center asked for a special public art design for their renovated restrooms, Jan responded with a epic interpretation of wastewater treatment and how it benefits our lives. Green Man and Mother Nature reside in the mens and ladies rooms respectively, emanating streams and blooming gardens. Cindy Dingledein of Community Design Alliance managed the […]

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Friendship Bridge Panels – Design Phase (2012)

Four thematic designs were sent to Liuzhou, China, for application on 4’ x 4’ copper panels, and attachment to the foundation arches of the Friendship Bridge in Longtan Park’s Cincinnati-Liuzhou Friendship Garden. Described are the first life forms in the Ohio River Valley including Cincinnatian Era fossils, native plants and motifs created by the Adena […]

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Wood Genius

“Wood Genius” drawing in colored pencil and pastel on Canson paper

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“From a Safe Distance” Watercolors

Created for the invitational exhibition “Landscapes” by Daniel Brown at Covington Arts Gallery, these two watercolor paintings are inspired by aerial photo perspectives by hot air balloon. The view is taking in how land is used at a remove from the people and culture that inhabit it, not unlike our voyeuristic experiences of the world […]

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Clifton Plaza Mural (2014)

In Cliftonfest’s third year, a legacy project was realized in the heart of the neighborhood business district. Clifton Plaza is the gathering spot for concerts and markets, bordered by blank wall invited conceptual design work of Jenny Roesel Ustick. Final design drawings and project management were provided by Jan Brown Checco. Scott Donaldson served as […]

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Bishop Brossart High School Public Art (2014)

As a guest of the Mayerson Foundation Service Learning Program, Jan worked for 5 months with Bishop Brossart High School junior class students in Covington, Kentucky. Teacher Suzette Glaab loaned her classroom for the creation of three giant art panels. The workshop included design collaboration based on student sketches, experimentation with recyclable materials crafted into […]

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Blue Ash Art Carpets (2014)

Jan Brown Checco’s team of experienced design professionals gathered for a celebration morning, creating these nature-themed images on the sidewalks of the new Summit Park in Blue Ash, Ohio.

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Cliftonfest 2014 Art Carpets

Jan Brown Checco’s direction of neighborhood cultural arts festival, Cliftonfest, included a long-lasting sidewalk chalk project in the central business district. Forty artists designed images and employed Jan’s unique process of blending colors with milk which binds the image to the concrete, allowing artworks to last for months.

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Stay-at-Home Angel (2013)

Created for “Angels” invitational in 2013 at Carnegie Arts Center, Covington KY Who doesn’t romanticize the notion of parenthood before actually experiencing it? Who can anticipate the extent of self-sacrifice? A young woman in full maternal career – birthing and raising children – must metamorphose into something extraordinary. Treading murky waters of eternal tidying, surfing […]

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