ProjectsCincinnati Park Board – Butterflies of India 2009 at Krohn Conservatory

Butterflies of India at Krohn Conservatory (2009)

Jan co-designed this show with Heather Wiggins, horticulture, and programming designers from the Indian community of Greater Cincinnati. Set design was inspired by Katmandu, Ganesha, Gandhi, Taj Mahal, peacocks, rangoli and colorful costumes. This show was built by the community in workshops located in Cincinnati Park’s Sinton Warehouse, beginning a trend of community-based exhibition fabrication. The design philosophy began trending to recycling show props in storage.

  • Butterflies of Inda show façade treatment included Chinese kites repainted with Indian motifs of marigolds and the Buddha Eyes that top the Katmandu temple including prayer flags.

  • The Kothari family decorates the Ganesha topiary

  • Cast concrete flower forms are studded with pebbles, mirror fragments and glass patties are prepared by guest artist Suzanne Fisher and volunteers to the Sinton Warehouse workshops for set building.

  • Suzanne Fisher and volunteers working with the mosaic materials and concrete flower forms that will decorate the central reflecting pool.

  • Finished construction of the peacock topiary frame and fan tail frame for the raked garden bed

  • Chinese visitors to Cincinnati help with building the Butterflies of India show sets, creating a wonderful and rare intercultural exchange.

  • Painting of the Katmandu butterfly kite

  • A redecorated butterfly kite that served as backdrop to the stage in the party tent

  • A festive processional from Krohn Conservatory to the Cincinnati Art Museum, following traditional Indian dance performances on the front lawn of Krohn.