ProjectsCincinnati Park Board – Butterflies of the World (2012) at Krohn Conservatory

Following the theme of Cincinnati’s World Choir Games, Jan co-designed this show with Stacie Martin (horticulture) and Jill Nicholson (graphic design) with special participation of Vulkane and Tom Parker. Music, circles and spheres, ethnic diversity, ecological sensitivity, and the entire spectrum of colors set the design parameters.

  • Each year the butterfly frame receives a novel treatment, and this year’s focus on music and use of recyclable materials allowed use of DVDs like sequins.

  • The DVDs were attached to recycled landscaping mesh. As the light changed throughout the day, so did the disks’ prismatic colors, from dark blue and violet to flaming red to light blue, pink and silver.

  • A dedicated and dexterous squad of volunteers learned how to make complex modular origami forms in many sizes. These, along with recycled PVC pipe, coat hangers and more DVDS created the Seussian-style mobiles in the atrium.

  • A universe of modular origami sculptures seems to levitate in the conservatory’s atrium.

  • Coat hangers provide a rhythmic, surprisingly classy support for mobile suspensions.

  • The Butterfly Shows at Krohn Conservatory are constructed by the community during grey winter months. Every Saturday morning from New Year’s until Easter, dozens of devoted volunteers come to employ our innovative craft techniques, and fabricate all set decorations.

  • Recycled long-playing vinyl disks were canvases for a multitude of ethnic symbols surrounding the showroom exit.

  • In a showroom that has 4 different doorways, it is always important to make the way-out clear to the audience, but in a lyrical way.

  • The arriving public was serenaded by Mark Grote’s whimsical recycled materials windchimes/sun catchers in the front gardens.

  • The very popular chandeliers created in 2011 from recycled bottles reappeared for a second year, allowing for one more chance for craft tech sharing.

  • Climbing a steep pathway up a hillside behind the conservatory to overflow parking was made more fun by a new rainbow stairway mural.