ProjectsCommunity Based – Ceramic Art Trivets (2018)

“Ceramic Art Trivets” (2018)

Kennedy Heights Arts Center Artist Residency at Woodford Paideia Elementary School with 45 students sixth through third grade over four months at one of CPS’s Vision 2020 schools with an emphasis on art and culture. Art teacher Karen Linser welcomed me into her classroom and was a perfect host and partner. I brought the students a very demanding project that required skills they had not yet developed for handling clay. We also worked hard on design-to-medium skills, and when we got a little stuck, some simply exquisite imagery by Charley Harper got us unstuck! The assembled trivets measured 8” x 8” x 1”.

  • Jan’s prototype for the school project

  • student carving her design into raw clay with improvised paperclip tool

  • 45 tiles ready to dry and be fired

  • fired tile being painted and wiped by student artist

  • proud student and her completed art trivet

  • student art trivet

  • four students’ art trivets

  • finished artworks by one of the grade level groups