ProjectsPublic Art – CliftonFest 2012 – 2013 A Public Art and Music Event

In the heart of Cincinnati’s most historic suburban neighborhood, CliftonFest transforms the Ludlow Avenue business district into an arts midway. A committee of 20 business owners and residents resurrected this annual 3-day event in 2012. Inclusive, innovative arts programming fosters a lyrical, collegial spirit that includes original chalk art designs on the pavements and regional music on 3 stages. Dozens of artisan vendors complete the program by importing their irresistible wares to our audience.

  • The festival site map is embellished by residents who gathered to “paint positive energy” into our too-long shuttered marketplace.

  • Window painting at the shuttered IGA property lends cheer to an anchor business that has been teetering on the edge of blight.

  • Clifton Plaza hosts musicians Cat Harpen, Twig and Leaf and Mr. Akimbo. Music and performance were also programmed on the Main Stage at Middleton and on Diggs Plaza in the Kids Zone.

  • Love Harvest Tattoo decorated people throughout the weekend while artists decorated the sidewalks with durable chalk designs. This one by Emilie Meyer was sponsored by Pangaea. Merchants and residents were paired as sponsors with artists for 25 ArtCarpet designs.

  • Robin Lacey and DeZydeco on the Main Stage prove irresistible to dancing neighbors.

  • Chalk portrait of a dragon who clearly knows his wines - Paul Brooke’s ArtCarpet was sponsored by La Poste.

  • The Kids Zone at Diggs Plaza hosted performances by puppeteers, musicians and theatre students from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music while families enjoyed circling through creative interactive stations.

  • Promoting the festival on Fox WXIX morning news, Jan created a charming Little Red Hen in honor of all of the volunteers who have carried the weight of show production.

  • Terri Kern and her assistant Sophie adorn the pavement at the Library’s drop slot.

  • This palm reader is going the extra mile to help audience members make future plans with her lamp and magnifying glass.

  • Artist Nancy Hopkins knows that some of us really do scream for ice cream, especially outside of Graeters.

  • Lisa Scherra and Paddy settle in for the scumbling and blending with milk that makes the ArtCarpet chalk process resistant to rain and foot traffic.

  • Emilie Meyer creates a semi-mandala of pizza and salad fixings for Olives Restaurant.

  • Elaine Olund and Randy Smith partnered for this luscious tribute to olives in front of Scott and Maria Crawford’s restaurant, the hub of CliftonFest planning.

  • Inspired by Northwest Native American art and spirit poles, Jan Brown Checco invented a composite to tell her own family story. Along with direction of programming for CliftonFest, Jan organized the ArtCarpet project.

  • In homage to the first people living in the Ohio River Valley, Jan created an ArtCarpet based on the tablet “maze” unearthed from their burial mounds. These seem to plot out the pathways of the upper and lower worlds, and might have been a map for the dearly departed.