ProjectsPublic Art – Cliftonfest 2014 Art Carpets

Jan Brown Checco’s direction of neighborhood cultural arts festival, Cliftonfest, included a long-lasting sidewalk chalk project in the central business district. Forty artists designed images and employed Jan’s unique process of blending colors with milk which binds the image to the concrete, allowing artworks to last for months.

  • Tina Westerkamp for Marrakech Moroccan Cafe

  • Tina Westerkamp and Elaine Olund create a stunning Artcarpet for Marrakech Moroccan Café.

  • Scott Donaldson for Live at the Ludlow Garage

  • Scott Donaldson does a demonstration of the process for WXIX Channel 19 morning news.

  • Josh Moore for Gaslight Property

  • Emilie Meyer for Om Eco Cafe

  • Mary Faith Colon for Adrien Durban Florist

  • Annunciation School’s “Bluedogs,” directed by Kathy Chabot and drawn by students, was inspired by the popular art of George Rodrigue.

  • Serenity Baumer for Pangaea

  • Kim Schifflet for La Poste Eatery

  • Kathleen Streitenberger for Chip Montrose

  • Kelsey Adams for Lentz + Co.

  • Nina Dusa for Mustard Seed

  • Terri Kern for the Schneider Family