PortfolioCeramics – Days in Clay (2005)

Days in Clay (2006)

Created during the season of Hurricane Katrina, Jan used these eight handheld ceramic objects as dimensional journaling tools. Listening to daily reports on public radio, thinking about the Tao te Ching, and sheltering in her studio for the autumn months of 2005, she prayed and sought answers. These sculptures have been exhibited in China and Germany.

  • Seeking The Center (2006)

  • Katrina: Whirlpool to Hurricane (2006)

  • Calling for Help that Doesn’t Come (2006)

  • The Beast Swallowed Itself (2006)

  • Under Her Wing (2006)

  • It Could Not Be Delivered (2006)

  • It Could Not Be Delivered (2006)

  • Grief (2006)

  • Finding New Eyes (2006)