ProjectsPublic Art – Eunice Bray Memorial Garden (2008)

Lighting the Night with Glass Mosaics on a Garden Globe: Jan created an internally lit garden 18” diameter globe with glass mosaics on a glass sphere to serve as a focal point in the Eunice Bray Memorial Garden. The LED light element is solar powered and the mosaic pieces include phosphorescent pieces formed by Jan which charge with the sunlight and fade slowly as the night progresses, changing the patterns on the surface of the globe. During warm weather the globe is replaced by an etched glass bowl with a ceramic flower center to attract butterflies to feed in the flower garden.

  • Sphere in progress on the workbench

  • First layer of mosaics finished with transparency through glass globe

  • Glass globe with first layer, lit internally

  • Sphere with phosphorescent tiles applied to inside of glass globe, mounted on a pedestal in the garden. An LED bulb inside the globe is powered by a small solar panel in the flower bed. While the charge is still strong, the globe is lit internally, and the phosphorescent tiles continue to charge. When the light dims, the phosphorescent tiles continue to glow, creating a new pattern.

  • In summer the globe is replaced with a basin to draw butterflies to an essential water source. The flower in in the center is Jan’s ceramic sculpture, the basin is a commercial sink basin that has the drain hold in the center by the flower.

  • Descendants of Eunice Bray fill the basin with water for the dedication of the newly installed garden.