PortfolioExhibitions – Figure in Architecture (1997)

Figure in Architecture at Mullanes (1997)

After returning from two summer studies in Europe, first in Firenze and then in Paris, Jan had to carry on her love affair with the figure in architecture. There is so little of it in Cincinnati. So the exhibition of drawings displayed in this wonderful café tried to light the fires in imaginations of the architects who might come to dine.

  • Emerging Self I (charcoal on paper)

  • Emerging Self II (charcoal on paper)

  • Grand Dancers (charcoal on paper)

  • Five Dancers (conte on paper)

  • Five Caryatids (charcoal on paper)

  • Columbine (charcoal on paper)

  • Noli Mi Tangere (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Private Passion (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Vivace (acrylic wash on paper)