PortfolioExhibitions – Florentine Nudes (1995)

Florentine Nudes at Over the Rhine Artists Gallery (1995)

A month-long immersion in Florentine art history and painting was all Jan needed to provoke one more body of work of bodies – beautiful, lyrical, timelessly evocative in the mode of Botitcelli, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Ammannati, Giambologna…The lovely gallery that hosted so much great work produced by the Pendleton Art Center residents may be gone, but we can’t forget the excitement that rippled through our region after the fires of Art on the Square broke through the vacant real estate doors to create so many new gallery spaces. Jan was a founder of the visual art festival that had a seminal 3 year run. Over 400 artists were introduced to the collecting public, and relationships were founded that changed the dynamic of Cincinnati’s creative community.

  • Emerging Self I (charcoal on paper)

  • Emerging Self II (charcoal on paper)

  • Noli Mi Tangere (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Model at Rest (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Model in Firenze (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Private Passion (acrylic wash on paper)

  • Vivace (acrylic wash on paper)