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Paintings – Frescos

Jan learned how to create true fresco from master painter Connie McClure at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She designed the Mondrian fresco for the Art Academy when it was located in Mount Adams, neighbor to the Cincinnati Art Museum. While trying to detach the fresco from the wall to move it to the Art Academy’s downtown location, Jan watched the image crumble between her fingers.

  • Mondrian Fresco at the Art Academy of Cincinnati (1994) The worksite for the Mondrian fresco at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the Mount Adams building, 1995. The finished fresco in the center measures 50” x 30”. To the right is the working drawing that was used for transfer of lines in the fresh plaster. To the left is a gridded photo and two small studies in fresco on foam board to work on technical and color blending strategies.

  • The first day’s work is achieve in 3 hours time. A clean line will be cutaway under the eyeglasses to allow for the second day’s plastering up to a precise line.

  • The second and last day on the fresco begins with plastiering the lower portion up to the edge of the first day’s work. The drawing has been transferred and Jan has laid in some initial color to begin the painting.

  • The finished fresco is complemented by a painting on the wall in acrylic and with applied color photo prints of Mondrian’s evolving body of work, beginning with an early self portrait in the lower left corner, and ending with the first in his Broadway series on the lower right hand corner. IN his hands will be a relief mounted photo print of his final painting, “Broadway Boogie Woogie.”

  • The finished mural

  • Detail of the fresco and the applied color prints of Mondrian’s work

  • Protect Your Child (Emilou) (1994) fresco

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry (1994) fresco

  • Detail of Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry (1994) fresco