PortfolioExhibitions – Inspirado (2018)

“Inspirado” (2018)

Group Exhibition at CAZA Sikes with Terri Kern, Nancy Hopkins, Karen Heyl, Kymber Henson and Jan Brown Checco (lead artist)

  • “Maya Bather” fountain, ceramic sculpture on glass mosaic pad over a fiberglass basin

  • Bather fountain from top with attention to glass mosaic on mesh mat

  • “Inspirado” - a cluster of themed works by Jan including totems, paintings and chair

  • Black Swallowtail and Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly paintings, a pair 16” x 16”

  • “Recuerdo” paint-decorated memorial chair 31” x 14” x 14” with mosaic seat and beaded pendants

  • “Family Totems” 22” x 22” x 7” 3 figures are suggested by stacked and skewered flower pots painted with acrylics

  • a cluster of themed works by Jan including “Mi Padre” wall panel and small ceramic figures from Jan’s “Days in Clay” project

  • Stepping stones with Maya glyphs made into high fire tiles