ProjectsCommunity Based – International People’s Project Murals (2007)

Components of this two-week workshop included brainstorming, conceptual and design development exercises prior to transfer of images to plywood panels. The participants were all adults from several countries. They were asked to consider the kind of visual and textual message would uplift the residents of blighted neighborhoods. The first six designs were completed through a sketch/review/finished color drawing/ review and enlargement by gridding process. On the last day of the workshop, the group turned the panels around and created a freeform mural. These mural panels move around Cincinnati neighborhoods as Keep Cincinnati Beautiful offers alternatives to vacant shop windows while properties await necessary improvements.

  • The IPP group met daily for 2 weeks to develop their concepts and images which they painted on to six 4’ x 8’ panels.

  • The group works on their final color drawings.

  • Final drawings on the wall, the group voted for the preferred six. Transfer of the images to the large plywood panels was followed by application of the underpainting coats.

  • The front face of the six designed panels deliver messages of community, education, creativity.

  • IPP designs “To Love and Be Loved” and “United in Diversity”

  • IPP designs “Community” and “Responsibility”

  • IPP designs “Hope, Achieve, Reach, Learn, Inspire” and “Listen, Learn, Read, Achieve”

  • IPP artists develop the freehand sytle in unison over one day.

  • The completed Freestyle Mural

  • Freestyle panels from right hand side

  • Freehand panels from center sections