PortfolioAssemblage – Madonna and Chimp

Madonna and Chimp Altarpiece (2003) at Carnegie Arts Center

Originally paired with the kneeling bench entitled “Parent’s WorkMate: Play Ply Pry Pray Station,” the “Madonna and Chimp” altarpiece complete with peeled banana votives requires the devoted audience to consider how they themselves one were impossible imps, and that their mothers’ endless patience and persistence paid off in eventual maturation. The scroll prays “Bless Our Children, May They Evolve.” The installation at Carnegie Arts Center evolved to a more formal chapel setting that included a prayer bench, votive candles, little bananas and brochures that lead visitors through an assessment of their own evolution.

She thinks that Darwin would have approved.

  • Chapel setting at Carnegie Art Center (2003)

  • Mirror Altarpiece (2002)

  • Madonna and Chimp Portrait Detail

  • Bananas / Elecrical Votives

  • Prayer Bench

  • Brochures

  • Banana Interactive