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Mandala (2002)

Four feminine archetypes are suspended in mid air, with their body mask shells facing outward and their inner workings and intentions illustrated on the flip sides, niched into concave hollows. Seduction, Domesticity, Procreation and Kali/Destruction are the polar energies that pull women back and forth, round and round through a lifetime. To remain in the center is the challenge.

  • Kali from Mandala: Ceramic body mask, formed with clay coils pressed into a plaster mould cast from a clay-modelled torso, fired first in an electric kiln and then smoked in a trash can with shredded paper

  • Kali’s body mask split improvisationally, but so much in character. Her skirt is hand crocheted of velvet yarn, with hair extensions as tassles, and the front apron of charred bones that were donated by a teacher of anatomy from a local college.

  • Domesticity has a skirt of pattern pieces and apron of linen handkerchiefs. In the background is Procreation which has a skirt of hemp and leather ropes and feathers.

  • The backside of each body mask is a niche filled with interpretive forms. Procreation has a knitted lining filled with eggs of different sizes, and Domesticity is filled with the detritus of homelife.

  • Detail of the back side of Domesticity suggests everything a woman/mother must be

  • Seduction is the equivalent of a shiney new convertible rolled into a flamego dancer and geisha.

  • detail of Seduction showing laces, beads, ribbons, tassles and a fan