PortfolioAssemblage – Moral Compass: Elizabeth Warren/True North (2013)

Elizabeth Warren was elected to the Senate to represent Massachusetts, but she is universal in her voice and deeply informed. She serves us all when she locks in on the powerful Washington regulators and New York financiers who want us to turn a blind eye to pervasive vice in their industry. The moral compass we think has gone missing on Capitol Hill is found pointing to true north when we watch Elizabeth at work. Jan created this installation for SOS ART 2013.

  • The portrait of Elizabeth Warren is a retouched digital print (6” x 6”). Interactive Capitol Building box is a 3D puzzle sculpture mounted on a spinning box that contains a compass. (12” x 6” x 6”) The compass box is installed on a pedestal 1 meter away from the portrait of Warren which hangs on a wall at exactly true north position.

  • The portrait of Elizabeth Warren, retouched digital print (6” x 6”)