PortfolioExhibitions – Morocco (1998)

Morocco – Exhibition at Mullanes (1998)

A painting trip with Gail Morrison revealed the lyrical beauty of Moorish design and the complexity of life in Marrakesh and Fez. The generous hospitality of the El Gharib brothers in their art galleries, deft guidance by Aziz, gentle friendship of Hayat, bombastic carpet chambers of Palais de Fes, luxury of La Mamounia, simplicity of the Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains, sensory overload of Jemaa el Fna…how could you come home and not paint your heart out for months? The result was the show of Gail’s luscious oil canvases, and my patterned watercolor and applique images.

  • Jan and Gail at Mullanes for Vernisage

  • Fez Roofs

  • alais de Fez Rug Emporium watercolor

  • Baby Camel watercolor

  • Stilllife with Tea Glass watercolor

  • Letter to Mom acrylic

  • Detail, Letter to Mom acrylic

  • Aziz the Good Shepherd watercolor

  • Hayat Beautiful Vessel Watercolor and collage

  • Kamal and Hospitality Watercolor and collage

  • Call to Morning Prayer Watercolor and collage

  • Left Handed Transaction Felts hand-dyed with pigments purchased from a Moroccan pharmacy, appliqued and embroidered. Assemblage of pencils and candy. These are the things that Moroccan children beg for in the streets. It would be easy to oblige, and Jan asked their guide, Aziz, why it was forbidden for tourists to interact with the children. He explained that the begging was damaging tourist attraction to Morocco, and the only way to discourage the children was to deny their requests.