ProjectsCommunity Based – OTR Flags (2012)

OTR Flags at the Dedication of a renovated Washington Park

OTR Flags invited Jan’s first work with illustrative dyed silk. Nast Trinity Church’s coalition of faith-based organizations, and Tender Mercies residents and staff communicated important facts and values from their lives in Over the Rhine. The resulting two sets of 30” x 60” double panels were hung with dozens of others in the newly-dedicated Washington Park over the summer of 2012. This project engaged scores of artists collaborating with human services and cultural arts agencies to celebrate the new public park.

  • The Nast Trinity Church coalition of faith-based organizations wanted to show a diverse community that encourages individuals to live all year ‘round to their highest abilities in a green and harmonious city.

  • An outreached hand in the winter night

  • Tender Mercies ministers daily to those who have been formerly homeless and who suffer chronic mental illness. Concept sharing sessions led to a design that expressed “before and after” feelings of the residents, and the difference it makes to be at home in a caring community.

  • Detail from the foreground of Tender Mercies “Happy at Home” panel

  • Detail expressing new growth from Tender Mercies “Happy at Home” panel

  • Details of tattoos suggesting struggles from the Tender Mercies “Lost in the Storm” panel