ProjectsCommunity Based – Our Daily Bread Mural (2006)

With support from the Mayerson Foundation, high school students came to Our Daily Bread in Over the Rhine accompanied by their art teachers to serve a meal to guests of this popular soup kitchen. After the meal, the students interviewed ten guests to learn about their personal stories which were then transformed into colorful mural images for the building’s north wall on Elder Street. Providing windows of understanding that connect passers-by with the healing activity inside the agency, the murals do the best work that art can do – build community through enlightened creative energy.

  • The Our Daily Bread Murals installed on Elder Street from the west

  • The Our Daily Bread Murals installed on Elder Street from the east

  • The northern façade of ODB prior to the mural project

  • Students interviewing guests of Our Daily Bread to collect oral histories

  • Art teachers presenting sketches for review

  • Wyoming students deliver their mural

  • Mural that celebrates the courage of a young resident of OTR

  • Mural that celebrates the service of Lazarus at ODB

  • Working together to install the mural panels

  • Finneytown’s mural

  • Todd, Lazarus and a volunteer cooperate during installation

  • Interior Mural created with ODB guests