ProjectsArt Exchanges – ReArt Cincinnati/Baracoa, Cuba (2012-13)

ReArt is a bridge between two countries and cultures – Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and Baracoa, Cuba. This process begins with each artist creating an image of choice, then sending it to the artists in the other country. Next comes the reworking of all images by all artists, resulting in 84 new pieces of art. An intertwining of styles and symbolism leads to conversation about the messages being exchanged. Included in the exchange is an invitation for artists to visit each other’s cities and establish friendships.

The Cincinnati artists were:
Jan Brown Checco, Farron Allen, Saad Ghosn, Andy Fausz, Terri Kern, Susan Naylor

and the Baracoan artists were:
Joel Rey Barroso, Mildo Matos Carcases, Yohandra Bernot Guzman, Orlando Piedra Labanino, Yoeldris Rey Lores, Luis Eliades Rodriguez Martinez

The project was facilitated by Mary Ann Olding.

  • Jan Brown Checco’s original image “Garden = Art”

  • Joel Rey Barroso’s ReArt after Checco’s original

  • Joel Rey Barroso original image “Identity”

  • Jan Brown Checco’s ReArt “Oshun’s People” after Barroso’s original

  • Luiz Eliades Rodriguez original image “Chango”

  • Jan Brown Checco’s ReArt “If Chango’s Mother Had Sung to Him Rhymes of Peace” after Rodriguez’s original