ProjectsArt Exchanges – ReArt (2012)
Drawing Exchange with Cincinnati and Kharkiv, Ukraine

This unique drawing exchange concept grew out of discussions between Jan Brown Checco and Munich artists Gabi Stolz and Traude Linhardt. The process ran successfully in 2005-07 under the title “A Change of Perspective” involving 18 artists – 9 from Munich, 9 from Cincinnati. A second incarnation of the project – “Triangular Drawings” – expanded to include artists from Liuzhou, China, operating with 3 teams of 6 artists who created 234 original drawings. This third version of the project – “ReArt” – engages 12 participants who each make one original image of choice and 6 redrawings. All drawings measure 8.5” x 11”. Original drawings were scanned and sent as a high resolution file to the other cities for distribution. All participants received the full set of the original drawings from the other cities, complete with artist statements which participants could choose to read, or not, before creating a new work of art from each copied original – the “ReArt.” The result was 84 original drawings, which were prepared for exhibition. All artists were invited to travel to the other country for exhibition openings, and for homestays and local cultural visits with their partner artists.

To view a complete report on the project, visit the website (Alan will have the address of this website)

The Artists from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
• Lead Artist: Jan Brown Checco
• Alan Brown
• Amanda Checco
• Guennadi Maslov
• Gina Weathersby
• Michael Wilson
The Artists from Kharkiv, Ukraine
• Project Organizer: Tatiana
• Uliana Bychenkova
• Taras Kamennoj
• Alina Kleytman
• Roman Minin
• Alexi Yalovega
• Konstantin Zorkin

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Kleytman "The Spirit of Fertile Soil: Grace of Aerators and Pollinators"

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Zorkin "The End of Water"

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Uliana Bychenkova "Heart Beets Window of St. Isador"

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Minin "Rescue from the Tomb"

  • Jan Brown Checco original drawing "She Koshare Weeds the Garden"

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Kamenoy "Spoils of the Game: The Market at Home"

  • Jan Brown Checco Re Art with Yalovega "Who will Own the Water?"