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“The Angel’s Light” (2017)

(80”x 40”x 10”) for a Summit Country Day School Artist Residency, high relief ceramic wall panels featuring donor recognition plates, created with junior high students over a four-month residency. The students created multiples of leaf and petal tiles that completed the halo, the framing tiles, dozens of complex flower forms in the heart of the angel, and the tunic tiles. The remaining work was completed in the studio of the artist.

  • color sketch for “The Angel’s Light”

  • “The Angel’s Light” installed in the narthex of Summit Country Day School’s chapel

  • Angel and the gothic chapel setting

  • clay maquette of the Angel

  • models for student clay work on petals and feathers

  • raw clay petals in place on full-sized drawing

  • bisqued feather tiles on full-sized drawing

  • glazed fired tunic, hands and feet

  • student-created and painted clay flowers

  • finished heart, arms and hands unit assembled on wood board

  • paint, stenciling and tiles applied to back boards