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“The Queen’s Crown Jewels” (2016)

Seven ceramic lanterns (each one 20”x 12”x 8”) created for the Plaza of the Queen at Cincinnati/Liuzhou Friendship Garden in LongTan Park, Liuzhou China. Four Cincinnati artists – Jan Brown Checco, Terri Kern, Karen Heyl and Nancy Hopkins; 3 Chinese artists – led by Professor He Zhenhai

  • Finished Lanterns by Jan Brown Checco, Karen Heyl, Terri Kern and Nancy Hopkins

  • The Cincinnati Artists Team

  • Working together in Liuzhou with lead artist He Zhenhai

  • The Spirit of Water in Jan’s studio with full-sized sculpture developing, based on gridded sketches from small maquette.

  • Jan working on the lantern sculpture

  • Finished high fire glazed lantern

  • The Spirit of Water with internal lighting

  • Terri Kern and her “Phoenix” lantern

  • “Tiger” lantern by Nancy Hopkins

  • “Carp” lantern by Karen Heyl

  • The Plaza of the Queen” at Longtan Park in the Cincinnati/Liuzhou Friendship Garden, site of the installation on top of the finial lanterns on the trellis stands.

  • Installation of all ceramic lanterns including three made by the Chinese artists team – a panda, bearcat and flying pig.

  • The sculptures are all protected from the elements by plexiglass cases.