ProjectsCommunity Based – Twin Lakes Mosaics-Four Elements (2008)

The second community-created mosaic project created by the residents of Twin Lakes with Jan Brown Checco was inspired by a lecture presented by author Laurie Beth Jones. A meditation of the nature of individuals, catagorized by the natural elements of earth, water, fire and air, Jones described a community in balance as a harmonious blending of all four elements. Over five months the residents modeled low and high relief tiles that represented various details related to each element, and glazing color coded each detail according to its element. The tiles were attached to a wonderboard base with 100% silicone, obviating the need for grouting and allowing the maximum impression of depth and separation of molecular units.

The mural is installed on a wall of the outdoor garden at the Main Campus.

  • Small fired clay maquette with watercolor details

  • Twin Lakes residents making tiles, with full-sized drawing in the background

  • High profile tiles for Air lines on the large drawing, forms built with hose and newspaper

  • High relief elements were studied by the group for inclusion in the mural.

  • High relief elements were created by the group for modeling practice.

  • Kani Meyer, volunteer to the workshop, attaches tiles to the wonderboard surface with 100% silicone.

  • Carl Sandlin assists with attachment to the wall. Jan attaches tiles that straddle the seams after wall mounting is complete.

  • Installed on the garden Wall, full front

  • Installed on the Garden Wall, oblique view

  • Detail of Air, Water and Fire

  • Detail of Air and Water

  • Detail of Water and Earth

  • Border tiles with Earth and Water Details

  • Air details

  • Air, Water and Fire intersection

  • Earth with Sunflower and Serpent

  • Earth with Water including fossil and flower details

  • Earth details with modelled and real fossils

  • Water with Lilies