ProjectsCommunity Based – Twin Lakes Mosaics-Four Seasons (2011)

This third community-created mosaic project created by the residents of Twin Lakes with Jan Brown Checco represents the seasons passing through the local landscape of Montgomery, Ohio. A blend of hand modeled high fired tiles, stones and fossils, commercial tiles and glass pieces, the surface of the mosaic has varied levels of relief and whimsical details to discover on close inspection. The fabrication of the mosaic required five months of weekly workshop sessions in the Twin Lakes Pottery Studio.

  • Watercolor sketch for mural

  • Color Sketch surrounded with typical tiles to be used

  • Dried detail tiles

  • Refined and segmented bush, low relief carving

  • Low relief carving of racoon in bush

  • Tiles laid out on drawing

  • Lois working on tree canopy of nipped porcelain tiles

  • Tiles laid in place on Wonderboard

  • Tiles on wonderboard

  • Tiles laid out on Wonderboard

  • Installed panels with grout applied

  • Spring cascade with nesting bird and weeping cherry

  • Sailboat on lake near the meadow

  • Fish in stream, bird on the bank

  • A raccoon peers out from a bare bush in a snow bank

  • A worker picks up apples from the orchard floor