ProjectsCommunity Based – What is Community-Based Art?

The creation of large scale public artworks by groups of people who live in specific
American communities has become increasingly popular since the 1960’s. The philosophy behind this very inclusive process is to use art to build strong relationships within the community, to affirm collective identity, and to allow each participant to experience creative expression beyond a small scale personal
arts and crafts project.

Creative thinking, mutual respect and trust, and group achievement centered on discovery of a group’s shared culture are important factors in the making of this artwork. It becomes truly the product and
property of the creative community.

The projects shown in this presentation were designed and directed by artist Jan Brown Checco for five different Cincinnati communities over a period of five years. Participants aged from 9 to 90 years old helped to create these exciting new public artworks.

  • Images from the “Clay, Color and Fire” project (2003)